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Parvin Hani Tabaei, also known as Pari Hani, was born in Ardestan in 1336. Having earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Tehran University and a master's degree in visual communication from the Faculty of Arts of the Islamic Azad University, she has worked in the visual arts throughout her career. Having taught students hand printing since 1987, she became a member of the Faculty of Arts of the Islamic Azad University in 1998.
Her method of depiction is woodcut printing, in which wood is selected based on the desired design, with the appropriate texture and pattern, and then the steps are performed. A key component in the artist's method is the use of color and pattern to develop the concept. With her effortless look at nature, her works are often filled with silence no matter what the subject is.
Pari Hani’s works cover diverse aspects of Turkmen’s way of living and the atmosphere and nature of southern Iran, and some of her works illustrate various narratives of "Conquest Of The Garden", a poem by the famous Iranian artist Forough Farrokhzad. In other periods, concepts such as doors, windows, alleys, and trees are highlighted in her illustrations.

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